an irregular reflection (2019)
cnc'd custom typeface on rose gold + pink fluorescent acrylic wall mounted sign

threshold for an era considering consent (2019)
engraved custom typeface on pink fluorescent acrylic sandwich board

On Pause reflects on broad ideas of caesural pauses. A caesura is a break… an interruption… a cut. A space for thought. A momentary breath. Articulating a connection between two phrases, a caesura is a literary and musical device that creates emphasis or provides respite. Importantly, caesurae disobey established patterns and detour natural rhythms. How can we apply this musical and poetic concept to our lives and embrace times of pause as a way to find connection between two moments?

Artworks in On Pause express notions of pause indirectly, as a reference through subjects or processes. Some offer an invitation to celebrate the in-between, the interlude and anticipation. Others, highlight mindlessness and the perils of procrastination. Together in chorus, the artwork in this exhibition echo and reverberate off one another to provide a refuge and immersive space in which the viewer can enter and… linger.

CURATED BY: Katarina Veljovic
MAY, 2019