singing lands - (2015) 
Sled Island Music & Arts Festival:
In collaboration with Ryan Mathieson
Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nicole Kelly Westman and Ryan Mathieson have artistic practices differentiated by provincial boundaries. Following a series of correspondences, the two artists made the initiative to meet in a legendary location coined in the '80s as the Center of the Universe. Amongst the relics of the mining industry and in a valley echoing the calls of the Singing Lands, the artists began experimenting with the boundaries that define the roles of documentation and performance. Singing Lands at Sled Island is a one-time performance that considers and presents possible outcomes of these experiments.

PERFORMANCE CURATED BY: Ginger Carlson for Sled Island Music & Arts Festival
JUNE, 2015 

SINGING LANDS(5:00)-VIMEO LINK A                          SINGING LANDS(5:00)-VIMEO LINK B

SINGING LANDS: Nicole Kelly Westman and Ryan Mathieson for BLACKFLASH by Peta Rake